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Using figurative language to show fear…

Shaking, miss coster legs shivered like if she was a jelly on a plate.  By Ben

Biting her nails, her legs shivered with fear. by Lauren

Petrifieng! Nail clippings fell driftly to the ground. Swoosh! Her hair swiped into her face! : By Megan

Mrs C scared out of her wits!

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Have YOU got an i pad by any chance?

Hi there, we are SO lucky as we are allowed to use two of fawley’s i pads! People are using them in our class to search the web. Oren is extremely lucky because his dad has an i pad. Anyway,they seem to be enjoying themselves ALOT! Well, why wouldn’t they? After all, they are awe-inspiring peices of technology. I’ve got a feeling that people are going to be begging their parents for one of these FANTASTIC i pads. WOW!

By liam (nickname: limester ) 🙂

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Earlier this term we got an email from alien Hook( aaaaah its so exciting!!!) who asked us some questions about the forces we have here so that he could move to Mars – how totaly awesome is that!!

 But we decided that we could’nt show our faces to him in our reply as he was from the Alpha quadrant which has loads of technology. So we said that we would use JellyCam.

 JellyCam is a animation program that allows you to take pictures and then put them together to make a movie!!!!  (-;So this week we are making a practice science fiction animations so we can get used to the program!!

By the one and only  BANNANA GIRL!(Zoe) and the amazing KETCHUP GIRL !!!!(Mhairi)

 See ya later dudes!! Dont slip up on any bannana skins I leave … or drown in tomato ketchup!!

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May the force be with you…

Hey peeps,

Declan here with yet another 6AO update!!!!!

Throughout this week, we’ve been learning about forces and how they work!So far, we’ve done:magnetism, electricity,floating, air resistance, gravity and friction. It’s been a lot but it sure was worth it!

You’d have no idea how many light bulbs one a battery can power. Just a couple of minutes ago, me and oli lit up 5 bulbs with one battery. We also tryed to make parralell circuits which means if you take one bit off, one of the lights will still work.

We tested friction by hooking objects onto newtom meters and pulling them on different surfaces like carpet and the window sill. Me and Oli used things like his pencil case and his water bottle.

We all did various experiments to test magnetism like seeing what coins will stick onto a magnet and we also had to check the year in which the coins were made to right notes.

When we came back from the christmas holidays, we tested ait resistance by making a paper clip man and taping it to small parachutes before dropping them from the bottom of the stairs to see how long it took for each parachute to hit the floor.

The floating experiment was fun; we :made boats out of tin foil, put them in water and saw how many multilink cubes the boats could hold before sinking. Megan and Jessica’s boat held 10 cubes and so did Connor and Ben’s.

The gravity test was fun aswell; we used the newton meters again and dangled objects on the hook to see how much gravity was pulling on them.

So far, its been a great topic but theres still more to come. Its going to be a great term. Untill next time, see you next week with another great update on all things cool.

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Picture with Miss Austin

Hi peeps Declan here with the 6AO report!

One of Miss O’Sullivan’s best friends ,Miss Austin, came for a visit alllllllllll the way from Australia. She is English but she travles around the world to be a teacher. She’s also been to Japan and she taught us how to say good morning in Japanese. Its  Or hi your go zi mass. How coooooooooooooooooooool! She also helped: me,Mhiari,Ines and Oren.And thats not the half of it, shes a better scientist than Albert Einstein!!!! Unfortunately, she had to go back to the land of g’day in Australia.Well…. it’s Melbourne she works in but i think they still say g’day there.At the end of the day, me and Mhiarihad a picture with her while we were holding up a globe and pointing to where she currently lives.

All in all, it was the best visitor we’ve ever had and i hope she can come back before the end of the school year.

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Happy new year!!!

Hi everyone,

Declan and Liam here with the Christmas report. So how was your Christmas Liam?

Well, basically, IT WAS AWSOME!!! I received some fantastic presents like the SEIGE caster scooter and DJ hero on wii. We also began repairs on my Quad bike so we could use it again soon.

WOW! That’s so cool and i got 2 550 piece puzzles which i did in 2 days. Also, i got a huge pool table and a real dart board. However, now onto the really exciting stuff, are you looking forward to the year ahead? Like the last ever Harry Potter film or the royal wedding?

Yeah! Sure am!!! It’s going to be so COOL! Although, I’m looking forward to moving up to secondary school!!!

I completely forgot about that , it’s going to be AWESOME!!!


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